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Our goal is to provide the healthiest vocal training for anyone that is interested in developing their skills in singing, acting and speaking. We are now offering high quality piano classes. Knowing posture and positioning and notes are all very important, so we want you to learn that with us.


VocalBells assists students in making sure they understand proper vocal technique and proper piano technique. It is our goal that each client takes away vital information that will assist them along their musical journey. VocalBells strives to make sure that each vocalist and pianist is prepared for all performances.

Our services are virtual ONLY. Group sessions are NOT available at this time. Rates do vary from service to service provided. These services are provided for online singing and piano lessons for beginners to intermediate.


Experience and Services


  • 20+ years as professional singers

  • 20+ years as professional musicians

  • Song writers

  • Vocal trainer for children and adults for 8+ years

  • Professional experience in Acting (film/television Broadway/Stage Plays)

  • Trainer for Actors and Actresses

  • SAG-AFTRA Member

  • Trainer for local and national artists

  • Composer

  • Diction

  • Tone

  • Pitch

  • Artistry

  • Expression

  • Breath Control

  • Musical Styles

  • Vocal Care

  • Song Choice

  • How to Audition

  • Basic Piano

  • Piano Techniques

  • Music Theory

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